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We offer Custom Product Development services that integrates Evaluation, Business Strategy, Design Thinking and Engineering to build Disruptive Products with specialization in Education Technology.

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Custom Product Development

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We thrive on being an incredible technology partner for our clients in their pioneering missions to build Revolutionary products for the Next Gen.

Youscore combines Primary Research with Technology, Advanced Analytics and Strategy Consulting to help Institutions and Budding Companies strengthen their presence in the Digital Arena.

  • Existing Digital Capabilities
  • Long-term objectivies

Assessment of an Organization’s Digital Health in light of the latest Edtech Innovations and Solutions at each stage of the student life cycle. Understanding of Current and Future TAM (Total Addressable Market) of the Organization.

  • uncovering new opportunities
  • Wireframing

Identification of Technology Solutions that can yield New Revenue Streams, Additional Market Share, an Improved Student Experience and Better Student Outcomes Wireframing and Design Thinking of the Minimum Viable Products along with Long Term Product Roadmap.

  • Advanced Solution Architecture
  • product Design and development

Focus on your business while we handle the complexities of engineering. This includes Design of an Advanced and Scalable Solution Architecture followed by Development of Agile Product and Applications.

  • EdTech
  • Advanced Analytics

Setting up Mechanisms for Technology Adoption by all Stakeholders. Gauging the ease-of-use and the values provided the applications including the influence on both the teaching and learning experiences. Use of Advanced Analytics and Intelligence to Assess the improvements in Learning Outcomes and the End Results.

Successfully Helped 200+ Organizations in Development and Adoption of Pioneering Technology Applications

Chat Module

Live Classroom

online Assessment

Digital Homework

Smart books

Learning management System

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Analysis

Advance Analytics


Live Doubt clearing Platform

Adaptive Tests

Management Applications

parent, teacher & Admin reports

Client Reviews

We started with regular online assessments. Then they added a predictive analysis layer on that and provided us rank predictors. We also implemented their ingenious digital homework solution. They are currently developing our Learning Management system which includes web, Android and iOS Apps. They have gone above and beyond to improvise the solutions according to our expectations.

International Institute for Financial Markets

We have been using Youscore products for the last 8 years. We acknowledge the values that their assessments, analytics and education technology solutions are adding in our relationship with the students. The students are also very happy with their content and user-friendly technology. They are a young, hard-working team and I will recommend their products to everyone.

Etoos India Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Books built by Youscore team is the best and the most valuable solution that a student can have to improve its academic performance significantly. The micro learning modules, the user interface and the analytics driven recommendations are very effective to enable and empower students prepare for any examination.

Genesis Classes

I am delighted to recommend the quality services of Youscore Solutions, India. I am extremely satisfied with their Virtual Classroom platforms which I have been using continuously for the past 3 years to teach and assess my students. It's an advanced platform with many unique features which is much more teacher and student friendly compared to the other platforms which I used in the past for over 10 years of online teaching. They have always provided prompt and efficient support.

Sri Lanka

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