About Us

YouScore Solutions, an education technology venture founded by enthusiasts from IIT-Delhi IIM-Ahmedabad in 2014

has been working passionately to solve the learning problems of the students, teachers, parents and administrators.

We have built intelligent assessments with the capability to diagnose the core problem faced by the student and/or group of students in academics, and identify the exact reasons behind each problem/ error with 100% accuracy. Our solutions including Live Classes, Smart Books, Online Assessments, LMS, Chat & Communities, Digital Homework have helped institutions in improvising their content delivery and academic quality, develop their businesses and take strategic business decisions.

The Founder

Aman is a passionate Edupreneur with 12+ years of intensive experience in Education Technology and Enablement solutions.

Being an IIT Delhi graduate, he highly values the importance of the formative educational base for young aspiring students. So he has worked extensively on multiple EdTech applications which have used predictive algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to extract the exact problem areas of each student with 100% accuracy which has immensely helped in providing personalized education to students.

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Our Foundation

Our USP are the intelligent platforms that have been successful in identifying the core problems faced by the students and improving their learning outcomes.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enhance the academic performance of every student globally through student centric technology innovation and learning systems.

Client Reviews

We started with regular online assessments. Then they added a predictive analysis layer on that and provided us rank predictors. We also implemented their ingenious digital homework solution. They are currently developing our Learning Management system which includes web, Android and iOS Apps. They have gone above and beyond to improvise the solutions according to our expectations.

International Institute for Financial Markets

We have been using Youscore products for the last 8 years. We acknowledge the values that their assessments, analytics and education technology solutions are adding in our relationship with the students. The students are also very happy with their content and user-friendly technology. They are a young, hard-working team and I will recommend their products to everyone.

Etoos India Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Books built by Youscore team is the best and the most valuable solution that a student can have to improve its academic performance significantly. The micro learning modules, the user interface and the analytics driven recommendations are very effective to enable and empower students prepare for any examination.

Genesis Classes

I am delighted to recommend the quality services of Youscore Solutions, India. I am extremely satisfied with their Virtual Classroom platforms which I have been using continuously for the past 3 years to teach and assess my students. It's an advanced platform with many unique features which is much more teacher and student friendly compared to the other platforms which I used in the past for over 10 years of online teaching. They have always provided prompt and efficient support.

Sri Lanka

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